Warm, it is, my face…

Warm, it is, my face
as rays of sun bathe it in
golden showers now.


Time to Lave

Sister Mary, how am I supposed to be brave,
If I shiver when someone steps over my grave,
Peaceful tolerance is the only thing I crave,
My mind’s crazy, people often find my words rave.

Brother pull your stuff together, could you please behave,
Your actions to the society do nothing but deprave,
The ideas you hold are like you’ve been living in a cave,
You seem to join the masses who are ready to enslave.

Love and respect are our bricks for the road to pave,
Changing our habits is the first step in order to save,
We shall be the stone in sea that starts the positivity wave,
That’s how our actions in the future will engrave.

Glass of water

When our mind is stirred up by events taking place around us and is biased by negative emotions such as anger or jealousy we can’t make the best decisions. When our mind is running amok, when our train of thought goes so fast we risk getting it derailed, we should not make any decisions. Our mind is just like a glass of water that has a handful of sand in it. As soon as we stir it up, the water will get opaque, every drop of it will be filled with sand. But if we leave the sand quietly settle at the bottom of the glass, we will not only see through the completely transparent water, but we will also be able also drink it carefully. Our mind is just like a glass of water. When it is calm and not rumbling we can see clearly and make the best decisions to date. We should always let our mind settle before making a move. Just think about it, we wouldn’t drink a glass of water saturated by sand. Why would we make decisions in a crazy haze?

Switch off autopilot

A huge issue is that we fail to realize that by the time we wake up and commute to start our average nine to five jobs almost half of our day is already gone. We have our morning coffee and get on our duties around tennish and we only have two hours to go until we reach exactly the median of the twenty-four hours life has given us for a day.

And at noon when we sneak peek at the numbers on our computer screen, we sigh and say “gosh, it’s another five to six hours to go” until we finish our work. Then we go home by six to seven in the evening and get on our household duties. In some places of the world we would say it is eighteen to nineteen o’clock and yet we fail to realize that all we left is just around five more hours, and our day is gone in the dust.

We just love to blame our society for making us work so much, but we tend to forget that almost three centuries ago during the industrial revolution we used to work more than ten hours in a factory a day, inhaling harmful chemicals, building up the society where we work and live now. Trying to keep up with the rat race — as we would often call it — we just switch to autopilot and fly through our days without even realizing the gift life has given us: the present.

So should we blame our society? Or should we just realize that it is our decision to miss out on the things that we do like robots. The things that we have. It is like money for the riches, we have so much that we take it for granted and do not enjoy it anymore, but mind us, it can be gone anytime. We are the richest because we have time and we fail to realize it until we do not have it anymore, so typical of us, is not it?

We are afraid of the future and its presumed inventions flooding the streets with androids, but actually, the streets are already filled with blood and bone humans roaming like robots without feelings: us.

One of the most down to the core teachings of humanity is that if we are offered something just take it. Giving means that we undress all that our society has taught us about saving face. We should just grasp on the present moment, because we have it now, life provides us with it every single day.

We must knock off the autopilot and start realizing that the life we live is wonderful and we the people are wonderful, we just have been missing out on it because we live our lives like brainless zombies. We should just open our eyes and see for real, because all that we need is just right at our fingertips: life.

Never skip a day

Spending a single day without taking one deep breath mindfully and concentrating on how mother nature’s air fills our lungs to nurture us is just simply wasting a day. Spending a day without being grateful for what life has provided us with is just skipping a day in our life. We should never skip a single day.


We should always stay calm regardless what life throws at us. When we encounter hardships, the first observation we must make is whether it is in our reach to solve the issue facing us. If a progression can be made by us it is good, because we can make it disappear by dealing with it. If it is an issue out of our reach, it is foolish to worry about it, because we have no tools to change it in its nature. We must stay calm either because we can deal with it, and the best way to deal with something is with a mind of clarity, or we cannot deal with it, therefore our worrying will do no good, but a lot of harm to ourselves.


We should always have time for at least one sincere laugh every day. It must be sincere, and we must be wrapped in the feeling. Laughing is the best and most harmless drug in our world.

Mistakes mean improvement

We need to make mistakes in order to improve. Not making mistakes means we do not challenge ourselves. It means we do not move outside our comfort zone, therefore we meet nothing new. Our reference point just does not change. We do not improve. But whenever we dare to step outside our comfort zone, try something new and start making mistakes — we simply start learning. And learning means stepping forward. Step by step. Learning means improvement. Therefore the next time, when we make a mistake, because we will, we must acknowledge it as another step on the path of improvement, on the way of learning something new, and becoming more. Making mistakes means we are in motion instead of being stationary.

The most stunning thing is that we know this well when we are babies. Just think about it, when we are toddlers and start walking all we do is trip and fall on our buttocks. Every time we fall we laugh and stand up again. To make another mistake. We are happy to learn walking. And we are happy to fail. Our more experienced ones are around us, support us and are happy for our achievements. But as we grow up we forget all about this. We start believing that making mistakes is a sign of weakness. Of being incapable. But is it?

We need to be patiently sharing our knowledge and show affection to those who dare to stand up after a mistake to try again and to learn from it. Because real failure is disowning our mistakes. And it is also the most harmful thing to do.

We meet and yet we do not

Why is it that we meet people every day and yet we do not meet them for real? We meet them, we talk to them, engage in all the required useless and worthless small talk and yet we do not get to know them. They might smile to us and leave seeming happy, but inside they might be suffering. All they would need is a sincere discussion where we do not judge them anymore and they do not have to pretend. Where they are not looked down on for feeling weak sometimes. For feeling incapable. Because we are capable, only we sometimes need to be reminded about it. But until we cannot stop making others feel less so we can feel more we will hurt each other. We will hurt each other instead of helping each other. But in any case, no matter how deep we might feel, we need to know that we are much stronger in will than we would perceive. Deep down there we are good and we are ready to offer a hand. We should be brave to face our imperfections to be able to help others overcoming theirs.

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