Mistakes mean improvement

We need to make mistakes in order to improve. Not making mistakes means we do not challenge ourselves. It means we do not move outside our comfort zone, therefore we meet nothing new. Our reference point just does not change. We do not improve. But whenever we dare to step outside our comfort zone, try something new and start making mistakes — we simply start learning. And learning means stepping forward. Step by step. Learning means improvement. Therefore the next time, when we make a mistake, because we will, we must acknowledge it as another step on the path of improvement, on the way of learning something new, and becoming more. Making mistakes means we are in motion instead of being stationary.

The most stunning thing is that we know this well when we are babies. Just think about it, when we are toddlers and start walking all we do is trip and fall on our buttocks. Every time we fall we laugh and stand up again. To make another mistake. We are happy to learn walking. And we are happy to fail. Our more experienced ones are around us, support us and are happy for our achievements. But as we grow up we forget all about this. We start believing that making mistakes is a sign of weakness. Of being incapable. But is it?

We need to be patiently sharing our knowledge and show affection to those who dare to stand up after a mistake to try again and to learn from it. Because real failure is disowning our mistakes. And it is also the most harmful thing to do.


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