Glass of water

When our mind is stirred up by events taking place around us and is biased by negative emotions such as anger or jealousy we can’t make the best decisions. When our mind is running amok, when our train of thought goes so fast we risk getting it derailed, we should not make any decisions. Our mind is just like a glass of water that has a handful of sand in it. As soon as we stir it up, the water will get opaque, every drop of it will be filled with sand. But if we leave the sand quietly settle at the bottom of the glass, we will not only see through the completely transparent water, but we will also be able also drink it carefully. Our mind is just like a glass of water. When it is calm and not rumbling we can see clearly and make the best decisions to date. We should always let our mind settle before making a move. Just think about it, we wouldn’t drink a glass of water saturated by sand. Why would we make decisions in a crazy haze?


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