Peace within

We can only live in peace with our fellows if we have made peace with ourselves. Therefore we must never miss an opportunity for self reflection. Just ten minutes of meditation can do wonders.


Changing world…

The world keeps changing, it is in her nature. And while even the tiniest actions can have grandiose effects, accidents will happen to us that we will not be able to avoid or counter, no matter how hard we try or what we do. Such a thing would not happen to us because we are singled out by life or god or the universe or whatever you call it. The occurrence of an accident is purely statistical. Therefore it is only us who can and are supposed to decide how we will react to the issue and what we will make out of the situation. It is all on us.

Jade Koru

Observe the koru as it swirls,
The outer coil signifies birth,
It envisages new life, growth, strength and peace,
Stay mindful and your way’ll feel like you’re walking on fleece.
But behold as here comes the twist:
Covered in ignorance your life passes in swift,
The inner loop suggests your return to point of origin,
Those who wear it proudly sport blood worth bottling.
Tranquility radiates from the crystal that is jade,
Always watch your words as they can be like double edged blade,
Love thyself so you canst love your fellows too,
Every conflict can be settled sitting over an honest brew.

PMP #2

As my lungs expand and I inhale air,
És hallgatom ahogy a szívem ver,
And my mind calms down and my soul turns fair,
Az utamon én és magam vagyok a partner.

PMP #1

When life appears to bring you down
and sorrowful tension makes you frown;
A bird’s chirping flies around, you smile
as you think it’s for you, but your ego’s vile.

He walks the path…

He walks path the past,
Ignoring the aftermath
of his actions ruling
his behavior of judging.

He laughs at others to ridicule
them for their mistakes; he’s insecure.

To boost his ego, though lying
to himself; it’s easier denying
his own mistakes.

City’s concrete pulsates…

City’s concrete pulsates under my bare feet,
I peak up straight to see the sun’s glare beat
Down on me,
Its rays blinding,
But I stand still,
While they’re flowing.
Humanity just keeps passing,
ignorance-filled and unknowing.

In the crowd’s rushing embrace,
They don’t realize their disgrace
People dash by me like this place.
Trying to keep up with this race
for money, social respect, better car, crispier devices, higher status,
Meanwhile they shit on the beauty Mother Nature tries to give us.

But don’t reach out, we offer no hands,
Rather block others out and turn our heads,
Even when hit by waterspout just few will help.
Let’s make a move and be brave, take a step,
Because changes happen first within yourself,
That’s how you put gems on the world’s shared shelf.
Determine your humane way, put up your clef,
Fight for your compassion ’till the last breath,
Because sticking together is how we got this far,
Your behavior shall set example and raise the bar.

Even if life feels all too desperate,
Just close your eyes, take a breath,
Be your own role model and show the way,
That’s how you’ll make it and call it a day.

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