Never skip a day

Spending a single day without taking one deep breath mindfully and concentrating on how mother nature’s air fills our lungs to nurture us is just simply wasting a day. Spending a day without being grateful for what life has provided us with is just skipping a day in our life. We should never skip a single day.


We meet and yet we do not

Why is it that we meet people every day and yet we do not meet them for real? We meet them, we talk to them, engage in all the required useless and worthless small talk and yet we do not get to know them. They might smile to us and leave seeming happy, but inside they might be suffering. All they would need is a sincere discussion where we do not judge them anymore and they do not have to pretend. Where they are not looked down on for feeling weak sometimes. For feeling incapable. Because we are capable, only we sometimes need to be reminded about it. But until we cannot stop making others feel less so we can feel more we will hurt each other. We will hurt each other instead of helping each other. But in any case, no matter how deep we might feel, we need to know that we are much stronger in will than we would perceive. Deep down there we are good and we are ready to offer a hand. We should be brave to face our imperfections to be able to help others overcoming theirs.

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