Never skip a day

Spending a single day without taking one deep breath mindfully and concentrating on how mother nature’s air fills our lungs to nurture us is just simply wasting a day. Spending a day without being grateful for what life has provided us with is just skipping a day in our life. We should never skip a single day.


Changing world…

The world keeps changing, it is in her nature. And while even the tiniest actions can have grandiose effects, accidents will happen to us that we will not be able to avoid or counter, no matter how hard we try or what we do. Such a thing would not happen to us because we are singled out by life or god or the universe or whatever you call it. The occurrence of an accident is purely statistical. Therefore it is only us who can and are supposed to decide how we will react to the issue and what we will make out of the situation. It is all on us.

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